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This blog is run and curated by Ayori Selassie who began her career as an entrepreneur at 16 years old, running a web and technology consulting startup with her brother in Oakland, CA. She taught herself to program, design and architect software solutions while practicing Interdisciplinary Studies at Laney College and San Francisco State University. She’s worked at startups and large corporations such as ABB and Schneider Electric performing Quality Engineering and Business Analysis. Since 2007 Ayori has focused her efforts at salesforce.com where she designs and builds business solutions, most notably the applicant management system (AMS) for recruiting, the careers portal, an agent console

for service and support productivity, and the enterprise entitlement management system. Her latest passion is designing educational games in her spare time with the help and motivation of her young daughter. Ayori is passionate about education, leadership, mentoring and making the world a better place through communities of practice, friendship and spirituality. She practices yoga, meditation, and believes that prayer and faith are the greatest healing available to the world.

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