#BITTechTalk episode #57 with guest Leah McGowen-Hare

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg and Ayori speak with Master Technical Trainer at Salesforce  Leah McGowen-Hare.

Listen as we talk about diversity in tech, demistifying technology, staying relevant in tech and Soul Train lines at home.

About Leah McGowen-Hare:


Leah has more than twenty years of tech experience under her belt mastering roles ranging from Consultant, Developer, Manager and Technical Trainer

Her career reflects the evolution of computing technology. She has worked in mainframe, personal computing, client-server and cloud computing environments. The scope of her work has included systems integration, system implementations and conversions for leading companies in human resources, health care and financial services.

Often a featured panelist, Leah has also been a Dreamforce top trainer since 2009; keeping a class of up to 300 engaged and converting attendees to “Salesforce faithfuls.”

Leah holds a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters degree in technology education. She uses her knowledge and experience to demystify and make technology more accessible to youth, girls, and communities of color through organizations such as LIFE Course, Girls Who Code and BlackGirls Code .

Leah fully embraces an active and healthy living. She was especially gratified by her ability bringing new capabilities to Haiti after the earthquake. Through her role at Salesforce she took part in a charitable effort that involved moving the government of Haiti onto the Saleforce platform to better enable the country to provide social services to the people of Haiti.

Lastly, Leah is a dance instructor, PNBA Fitness Model (Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association) and a lifelong champion for fitness and nutrition.

Follow Leah on Twitter: @LeahBMH BlackGirls Code

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#BITTechTalk episode #55 with guest Alex Miller

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg and Ayori are joined by Clojure developer and StrangeLoop conference founder, Alex Miller. We discuss creating more diverse tech conferences, functional programming, a day in the life of a Clojure language maintainer, offline computer science, and, yep you guessed it, the StrangeLoop conference. 

Follow Alex on Twitter: @puredanger
His blog: http://tech.puredanger.com/

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#BITTechTalk episode #54 with guest Nigel Kersten

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg and Ayori are joined by CIO/VP of Operations at Puppet Labs, Nigel Kersten. Listen as we talk about the Puppet configuration management tool, diversity and hiring practices in technology, DevOps and much more. 

Follow Nigel at @nigelkersten

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About Nigel Kersten:


Nigel came to Puppet Labs from Google HQ in Mountain View, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of one of the largest Puppet deployments in the world. He’s been a sysadmin for Linux and Mac deployments since before Mac OS became a UNIX, and is currently responsible for technical operations and business optimization at Puppet Labs.