re-architect your future using new age technology



When you envision your future do you limit your vision based on common social constructs, norms and mores? If so, you may be limiting your environment as well.

Think about it, a critical social construct that makes our economic world turn is capitalism, which is also built on certain concepts such as competition, which also produces hierarchy etc. If you use capitalism as the foundation of your future visions you are now limiting your future by the social implications of that concept. Good or bad. I believe that to truely have unlimited vision for your future you must clearly recognize what building blocks you use as the foundation to architect your vision.

This also plays on the concept that you are the architect not only of your life, but your environment as well. That your actions can spawn an entire civilization in the same way that Thomas Jefferson did with his peers. To those who find this concept inconceivable please stop reading now. Those who are still reading should try the following exercise.
What is your utopian vision? What makes it utopia? What is at the foundation of your utopia? Political structure? Emotional freedom? Spirituality? Freewill?

What are the building blocks of your vision from a personal standpoint (the individual), the community, and the environment?
I’m exploring these ideas myself and will share them at a later date. I’ll also revisit the weight and controversy around you being the architect vs fate, universal control etc. Exciting stuff eh?


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