Inside the pressure cooker

Life deals out more than a fair share of pressures, from peers, and career, to family sometimes pressure can mount itself so high that our reactions to them become nearly automatic. Pressure comes knocking and we jump to answer with a pressured response. Admist all these pressures it be omes difficult to get in touch with our true motivations because we are spending so much timing reacting to pressures instead of responding to our true needs and desires.

To combat this I recommend performing a SWOT analysis on your life considering the catetgories that are critical to your needs and desires such as self, family, love, career, and dreams to identify and group the stregnths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats to living the best life you can live.

The exercise is not to give you a silver bullet but to help you prioritize and move on the things that will offer you the greatest impact in the areas of your life that are most important to you. It also helps drive difficult conversations that you msy need to have with yourself and others.

What are you hiding from yourself when you live inside the “pressure reactor”? Come outside, it’s notso scary after all.

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