Be the stability you want to see in your relationship

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I’ve been getting more requests for relationship advice lately. Even though I am not in a relationship people seem to trust my insights so I figured I’d share with the group. This is especially for women but can also be applied toward men as well. The wise and focused tends not to focus on seeking out romantic relationships, rather they put emphasis on self development and awareness, which in turn attracts higher quality people and relationship prospects in general.

The basic idea is good people attract good people and when you waste your efforts and continually fall short of setting goals and achieving them, it becomes easier to fall into the trap of “convient romance”. Consider the following diagram on relationship trajectories which follows a stable, emotionally secure woman through several stages of her own personal development.

Notice that over time the stable male gravitates toward her, even after having had poor relationships with drama queens. On the other hand the stable man gravitates away from the woman who finds herself in a string of poorly guided relationships, flings and one hitter quitters.

The answer is simple, stay focused, and let the proper mates and partners align with you rather than changing yourself or your priorities to chase a “fling”. Stable, supportive relationships have a tendency to find stable, supportive people.

Be Well…

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